Code Of Conduct

You are supposed to follow these instructions at school.

  1. Don't drag your feet while walking anywhere in school.
  2. Always move in queue.
  3. Greet your teachers and elders whenever you meet them.
  4. Treat every visitor to the school with utmost politeness.
  5. Conduct yourself in and out of the school with dignity and grace.
  6. Don't leave the school premises without permission.
  7. Converse in English only with your friends, teachers and visitors.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to shout, whistle and tease fellow students.
  9. Ball pens are not to be used for writing work.
  10. Wrist watches are not allowed in school.
  11. Take proper care of school property.
  12. Don't make misuse of electricity. Switch off the electrical equipments when not in use.
  13. Participation in the house and school activities is must.
  14. Be punctual and regular.
  15. Bring your books and stationery regularly.

Fee Structure For Session 2022-2023