Principal Message

As we head into the new session, we stand committed to the cause of providing quality education at an affordable cost to the entire spectrum of society with a view to transform the lives of the future torch-bearers of the nation.

Let me ensure the parents and our patrons that we shall be constantly adding up to the infrastructure of the school besides inducting talented members of staff to harness the latent potential of our students. Education today has undergone a sea change. Rather it has become a great instrument of social & cultural change that empowers human lives. It's no longer viewed as the only means to greater job avenues but a strong catalyst that aims at enhancing human skills and builds up social edifice.

Educationists all over the world believe that we cannot and we should not aim at pulpit teaching. We should create environs and surroundings that promote learning. This makes the children learn from their active participation and direct contact rather than hearing about certain concepts and descriptions which ultimately require a student to resort to rote learning in order to vomit out during examination. The continuous and comprehensive evaluation adopted by the Central Board of Secondary Education is a right step in this direction. The ambit of education is bursting at its seems. The explosion of knowledge with the advent of internet and digital modes of learning has already made its inroads into our lives.

At BKN, we recognize the need and focus of the paradigm shift that is a call of the times we are living in. And we hope to meet all those parameters that facilitate learning today.

Smt. Rekha Rani
Principal (B.K.N. Public School)

Fee Structure For Session 2022-2023