To offer value-based learning with a well-defined focus on academic excellence, wholesome personality development and social relevance to enable each student to achieve their potential in a highly competitive environment.


We would forever provide unique opportunity of all round development, academic excellence, intellectual growth, promotion to art and athletics. We commit to high standards of ethical awareness and community services. We are also committed to achieve health consciousness and become lifelong learners.


  • To create a respectful working environment for students and staff.
  • To provide a personalised and student-centred approach to learning.
  • To build a 'Culture of Achievement'.
  • To focus on continuous improvement and shared accountabilities
  • To promote equity and social justice.
  • To maintain attractive and welcoming grounds and facilities.
  • To develop partnerships with our community—local, national, and global.
  • To recognize and celebrating diversity.
  • To encourage school and community health and well-being


Our shared values are Respect, Honesty, Accountability & Achievement.

Fee Structure For Session 2022-2023