Addmission Process

With the overarching goal of encouraging children to bring out their full potential by providing an environment where they enjoy the learning process, BKN Public School has emerged as a centre of excellence. This is exemplified in the outstanding academic achievements as well as the all-round development of its students. Pre Nur-XII school, Through multi-faceted curricular and co-curricular programmes, we seek to synthesize the best of internationally acclaimed pedagogical practices with India's rich educational and cultural heritage. At BKN Public School, Every possible care is taken to ensure that our teaching staff is of the highest possible quality. And Thus Our Teachers steadfast efforts sets the tone for the future in building a world-class institution.

The admissions process comprises the following stages:

  1. Obtaining the 'Application for Admission' form from BKN Public School.
  2. Submitting the duly completed 'Application for Admission' form and supporting documents to BKN Public School and paying the Registration Fee.
  3. Appearing for the meeting with faculty members or the admission test as required.
  4. Participating in the interaction with parents and / or students as requested
  5. Communicating admission decision to parents
  6. Accepting admission by parents, submitting the prescribed documents and paying the fees
  7. Confirmation of admission by BKN Public School.

Fee Structure For Session 2022-2023