Sports Complex

Athletics plays a major part in the Annual School Calendar of BKN Public School. Over a long period of time BKN Public School has a long list of State and National representatives and continues this success with our current athletes. Our coaches cover many diverse disciplines involved in athletics and training is given before and after the school. It is a policy to allow as many students as possible to participate and all assistance required during training is given by the school coaches.

Badminton has become another popular game with many students. Training for this is given during stay back after school where they are trained to play competitively and to get expertise of the coaches. Our staff also work closely with them.

Cricket is a very popular game in India. Students opting for this game should have a good stamina for running in between the wickets for bowling and fielding. The school has a well maintained cricket field of international level and pitch for net practice.

Basket Ball is a team where taller students get the advantage of playing the game well. Basket Ball is named after Michael Jordan, a renowned Basket Ball player. The students stay back after the school for special coaching from April onwards. Inter BKN Basket Ball tournaments for boys and girls are the most important and much rated tournament of the year. It is a team sport played at BKN Rohtak with great enthusiasm. This game has developed to involve many common techniques of shooting, passing and dribbling as well as player position and offensive and defensive structures. It was primarily an indoor sport now it is an outdoor sport in schools. The Basket Ball court is ideally situated in lush green surroundings and is a great spectator sport for the rest of the students.

Football Ground of BKN Public School have crated many milestones in the game by setting immense standards for the game and for the young ones who aspires to be the next Ronaldo. The lush green football ground attracts not only the young ones but also the district authorities and they can’t get away by organizing tournaments of national and international levels. Parents support in this game and training commitments of the players have worked wonders with our football team.

Fee Structure For Session 2022-2023