The teachers at BKN Public School go through several hours of workshops and training programs to be in sync with the latest developments in their particular subjects and other levels.

A workshop was organized on 1st July ’09. The theme of the workshop was 'Effective Teaching Skills'. The session was highly interactive and addressed the general problems faced by the learners during their classroom teaching. This was followed by an introduction to the different techniques and methodologies which facilitated the teachers with a better understanding of the differential needs of the learners and the process of catering to the same.

The session turned out to be quite informative as the teachers could relate to the different experiences. The session helped the teachers in brainstorming their minds with ideas related to functional teaching. The idea of establishing a healthy student teacher relationship was also one of the significant features of the workshop. Thus, in all the session benefitted the teachers as they could find solutions to some of the common problems faced by the learners in the school. Workshop conducted on “Learning through senses” dated: 30th June 2009.

Senses tell us the world. Their significance is all pervading. Highlighting the pivotal role played by our senses in the learning process a workshop was conducted . The workshop triggered driving thoughts into the multi-sensorial learning patterns of children which helped them to relate to various situations arising in classroom. Understanding the differential needs of the learners based on multi-sensorial concepts, was addressed. The impact of sensory processing in the classroom and the various activities which can be included, to cater to the learner, were the key ideas of the workshop. Handouts of the key contents were given to the teachers. The learning style of the teachers was also assessed by means of a questionnaire. A list of games and activities were narrated which could help the teachers for the sensory seekers and avoiders. In a nutshell, the underlying idea of shedding assumptions and taking in account the play of senses towards a successful learning graph was conveyed successfully.

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