About BKN Public School

BKN Public School aims to provide pupils with a high quality academic education and a balanced set of values, in a bilingual and cultural environment, so as to prepare its pupils for higher education and thereafter for a successful professional life in a world of diversity, competition and change. At BKN Public School, we endeavor for perfection in everything . We, here at BKN Public School, want the students to discover themselves, and the only way we can let them know themselves is by letting them play and live life to the fullest. That is our eternal aim - to let the students LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

Our faculty comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals. The students will be tutored and mentored by committed teachers and coaches, who use their knowledge and expertise to help young students realize their potential. They are veritable store houses of knowledge about their area of expertise and will ensure that the students have an experience of a lifetime at BKN Public School.

The focus at BKN Public School is to offer children the opportunity to discover and develop their athletic and artistic talents while receiving an education that is internationally recognized. BKN Public School students will be challenged to excel on the playing field, in the classroom and as ambassadors and leaders in their respective communities.

The school follows CBSE curriculum guidelines, with a special focus on sports and co curricular activities resulting in a uniquely blended curriculum based on knowledge and skills acquisition, preparing them for the demands of the century ahead. The objective at BKN Public School is to provide an international learning experience while preserving the core Indian values.

Fee Structure For Session 2022-2023